Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Come, come ye christmas!!!! a christmas poem.

Christmas comes but once a year.
Do not worry but be of good cheer.
The Lights are hung, the snow is falling.
If you listen closely, santa is calling.

The day is one to which all can rejoice.
For our we must shout Merry Christmas with our loudest voice.
Be happy and full, for our day has come.
and the news of Christs birth, is for All, not just some.

I am forever grateful for this wonderful season.
I can Just start singing, with no apparent reason.
Build a Snowman, with your tounge catch a flake!
I love Christmas food, and smelling it bake!!!

This poem is rough, but it comes from the heart.
but to share the love of christmas, i must do my part.
So merry Christmas to you and to all who will read,
God bless us everyone, God bless us indeed.

                                                 -- Elder Kay

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My thoughts on life.

Life is funny. I don't have much experience in it yet but from what I have seen its crazy. I am a firm believer in just letting go and enjoying yourself. Have you ever seen Ferris Buellers day off? At the very end he says "life is fast, and if you don't stop to take a look around, you might miss it" or something to that affect. I have seen a lot on my mission now and the one thing I notice is that so many people are so concerned with the tiniest of things in life. I was sharing a message about Jesus Christ with a wonderful man who gave me some awesome insight. He said "If you have a problem in life that in fifteen minutes you can't solve then its not even worth bothering with." I agree. I Love life. It is fun. Look how much we have to be grateful for. I was just walking out on the grass with my bare feet the other day and just the feeling of the grass under my feet was like the coolest thing ever!!! I mean come on, how lucky are we. Just take the time to savor all the little things in life. Look at everything that happens to you as just a great oppertunity to learn and appreciate. Its almost Christmas and I can remember watching my little cousins tearing open the wrapping paper and just loving it trying to get to their Christmas Gifts and then as soon as they would tear off all the paper, they would look at the gift, study if for a sec and then just go right back into playing with the wrapping paper!!! They saw the Little things in life, which are the best. That is totally the way we should look at life. The smallest of obstacles in our path are usually the things we love the most and appreciate more. Life is full of these things. I love life. I love the chaos!!!!!!!!! nothing could be better. Thanks for everything!!!!