Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't worry, be happy!!!

Worry seems to be the funniest thing I run into on my mission. Its okay to worry but sometimes I have to think hard about what people are worrying about these days. I worry. We all do. When the mission President puts you in a brand new area and have to train on how to lead as well as continue the work that the previous Missionaries had been doing so well with, and tyring to bring happiness to others can make you worry just a little bit.  But because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and this incredible support given me by the constant reassurance of God through the Holy Ghost I worry for but a moment then just trust that no matter what happens it is the Lords will and I am doing it the best I can.
The funny thing about life is that as I have been knocking on doors and talking with complete strangers for almost two years now and the one thing that seems to be a constant theme is woryr. Life is full of things to worry about, but not to the point that we lose all hope completely. I often come across many people who are so worried and so scared that life is going to end due to whatever reason and I truly do worry myself for these individuals. One thing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints has taught me is not to worry about the things that Our Heavenly Father can Control. We have been promised that if we abide by our Heavenly Fathers laws or commandments, then we will be taken care of. We have been taught repeatedly about what we must do to sustain life here and we need not worry if we are keeping his commandments and following his counsel. We must worry however if we are not doing everything we can to follow him. We must think about the choices we are making and then when we feel we have worried to much about those things that weigh us down in life we must act and choose to stop worrying and follow God more closely than ever before.

One of the funniest things I have come across on my mission has been when I knock on a door and I get the response "Oh I am already a Christian." or "No thanks I already know Jesus."  and then I get the following question far to much "But what do you think about this whole 2012 thing." I think to myself, what a silly thing to worry about when you have a faith in God and Jesus Christ. He is in control of all these things and we can not worry about it if we have that faith in Him that he knows best. Whether it comes of it doesn't, worry about if we are prepared for that great and marvelous day to meet our God, our Creator, our King. We in the Church of Jesus Christ have come to know that We on this Earth can be sealed to our families for time and all eternity. God has given us this great blessing and I have no worries about whether or not I can see my family again or what lies ahead of me in this next life. It is the greatest thing in the world.

Enjoy life. Enjoy the challenges and overcome them.  Have a great day, and an even better week!