Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can A Leopard Change his spots?

I contemplated a lot about what I should write. Its only fair to say that I don't ponder so hard about a lot of things. But since I get the wonderful opportunity to blog then I figured I shouldn't just make these useless random messages but something I really wanna talk about.

Normally in life I am pretty much a slacker. I have always just put things off and very rarely do I ponder, prepare or think a ton about tests, or talks or anything that should really take some time and devotion. I usually will wait until the very last possible moment and then just lock n' Load and bang bang. Go with whatever comes out and hope for the best. Maybe say a little Prayer before hand and wait to see what would come. Usually I will get mediocre or fair results. I can't complain.

But I was thinking a lot about this and how I really don't wanna be that guy anymore. Ever since I have been on a mission I have realized that, that kind of attitude is not to helpful in life. If anyone knows me at all, they know I am just a laid back, easy going guy who occasionally likes some excitement. But Since I have been out here I have wanted to change who I am. Not everything about me but specifically this one attribute that I have that weighs me down. Why though? What Motivation did I have?

As I was reading in the Bible I found a great scripture in Malachi that says "I am the Lord, and I change not". Wow. It hit me. It clicked. My whole life is about becoming better. God Is perfect. He is the end result. He is the change. I Wanna be as best as I can be here in this life and I realize that the only way I can do that is by constant change. You must always be trying to be better. We all have things in our life we wish we could change. So why not? Change them. This time of year  is all about change. We all make those wonderful resolutions and then say "Dang, that's gonna require work". Of course it is!!! Life ain't that easy.

"Be ye therefore perfect." Said our savior Jesus Christ. Perfection can not be achieved in this life. But we can single handily change one aspect of our lives and perfect it!!! We can do it. I am like a totally different person then I use to be. Now hold on there partner. I am in no way saying that I am perfect. But I am in the Life or death battle with myself in trying to become better then ever before. I may never reach perfection but I can make perfect change if I choose too. That is what God expects. Perfect change.

In The Book of Mormon we read about a man known as The Brother Of Jared. he is a very righteous man who is leading his people to the promise land. He demonstrates great faith. But after letting making some mistakes he receives chastisement from the Lord and instead of just feeling like garbage. He decides to change. He acts. He is not acted upon. He then goes on to demonstrate perfect faith and the Lord reveals many great things to him. He was not perfect at that moment. But he Perfected an attribute he needed to work on and great things came about. We can do this as well. Act my brothers and sisters. Change what needs to change in order to become a better friend, a better son, a better daughter, mother, father neighbor. A leopard can change his spots.